How to choose the air conditioner apartment - the best overview of the characteristics of the aggregates

How to choose the air conditioner apartment

The idea of ​​buying the air conditioner most visitedof us at the time of exhausting solntsepёka, when the desire to cool becomes almost the main requirement. Demand, as we know, breeds supply: an assortment of shops of HVAC equipment is very, very diverse. Numerous models of air conditioners are single purpose: to provide a comfortable indoor climate, but equipment presented various designs, sizes, features of work, price, in the end! To find out how to choose the air-conditioned apartments expedient to consider more the diversity of the models (especially the effectiveness of each type, advantages and disadvantages of manual).


  • The circuit device of household air conditioners
  • Features window air conditioners
  • Advantages of mobile air conditioners
  • Why split system better?

Classify conditioners for apartments can befor a variety of symptoms: in design (single and multi-block), for static (mobile and fixed), at the place of installation (ceiling, wall, floor). Here are just a selection of apartments for air conditioning must be carried out with a clear delineation of priorities (which is very individual) and only on the basis of comparison of the main features.

The circuit device of household air conditioners

To find out how to buy air conditioner in the apartment to be pleased with the results in your particular case, a closer look at the features of each species.

No matter what kind of air conditioning in the apartmentyou decide to buy, learn the features of the device to avoid possible errors during operation. All air conditioners operate on essentially the general scheme. They consist of a system filled with a coolant, comprising a heat exchanger connected by two copper pipes, freon compressor and fan for blowing air through the heat exchangers. A heat exchanger is called condenser (refrigerant occurs inside the condensation and heat), and the other - the evaporator (evaporating refrigerant in it absorbs heat). The capacitor is designed to dissipate heat to the outside, the evaporator cools the air inside the room.

If all units are assembled in a single housing, suchIt called monobloc air conditioner. Among the examples of such a design different window and mobile air conditioners. If the system components are housed in separate housings, respectively, it is called a multi-block (as an example we can consider various species split systems).

Features window air conditioners

"Window air", as mentioned above, are monoblock design, as the name implies, these air conditioners are built in the window opening or window.

Window air conditioning for apartments

The undoubted advantage of this device is its structural completeness - after unpacking the device, the window and the power supply units are fully ready for operation

Installing the device does not require the participation of expertshighly qualified in the installation does not apply the special equipment that is not produced communications gasket. Most window air conditioner operates in cooling and heating. Models in which the heating elements used to heat can be applied at any ambient temperature. The main disadvantage of all the "window air" in a fairly noisy work. Current models of window air conditioners are often attractive in appearance, perfectly fit into the modern interior of the apartment, but still it should be noted a decrease in the lumen due to window installation that not palatable.

Advantages of mobile air conditioners

The main advantage of mobile air conditionersis the ability to move, which is especially valuable if the funds for the equipment of all rooms in a house in the climatic technology is not enough, or when a number of technical reasons for the installation of other types of air conditioners is not possible. Mobile air conditioners are mostly presented monoblock construction on wheels (except mobile splits), different dimensions, power consumption and performance.

Mobile air conditioning

All monobloc devices feature high noise level work (the noise level can exceed 50 dB), which is due to work in a single package and the compressor and fan

Mobile air conditioners work best forapartments with small rooms. Some power limits (typically a mobile air conditioners for cooling the power area of ​​up to 30 m2) are explained structurally necessary (for fast transport) lightweight device. Keep in mind when purchasing a need removal of hot air through a hose to the window. To prevent the penetration of hot air from the outside through a half-open window, you need to prepare accordingly casement special plug.

Why split system better?

The most popular option in the apartment air-conditioning unit is considered to be the installation of split systems.

multiblock conditioning

Low noise level during operation of a split system, a high efficiency unit with low power consumption is due to structural separation of the external and internal units

The indoor unit is designed for cooling orheating the air in the room, there are placed evaporative heat exchanger fan, condensate drain device and a control unit. compressor condenser heat exchanger taken out to an external unit that allows you to do the job the device is practically silent. Installing such a system to produce professional installation teams, so figuring out how much air conditioning in the apartment, do not forget to inquire about the cost of installation services. Before you pick up the air conditioning to the apartment, think about the possibility of air conditioning several rooms simultaneously, with the installation of various climate parameters for each room.

Split systems - the best air conditioning for apartments

As part of a modern multi-split system a powerful outdoor unit and several internal

Such a function can provide a modern multi-split system consisting of one external and multiple indoor units. To ensure a comfortable climate in several rooms, you can also through the installation of a split system of channel type, the main feature of which is the supply of cooled air from a special internal unit channel type in every room apartment on the duct network. The indoor units in this case are designed for flush mounting, they are usually placed in suspended ceilings. Due to the structural complexity of the installation of ducted air conditioning for apartments are rarely used, they are more suitable for the office premises, shops and offices.

Scheme of the channel air-conditioner

Ducted air-conditioning system will more quickly ventilate and cool the large rooms

We reviewed the main characteristicsExisting today in the market of varieties of climate technology for the home. Explain the variety of air conditioner designs can be different ratio of the level of comfortable and efficient operation of the device to the cost that consumers are willing to pay. For some, the best air conditioners for an apartment are highly efficient, quickly cooling air to the required parameters and for a long time retaining the specified microclimate parameters. For others, it is more important to rational consumption of electricity with average performance, the third is the simplicity of installation and stable operation of the device, the fourth doubt whether the air conditioner in the apartment at all. We hope that the information obtained will help to clarify the situation, you decide for yourself which air conditioner is best for an apartment in your case.

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