How to choose a humidifier - Overview 4 designs options

How to choose a humidifier

Since the beginning of the heating season in our airhouses and apartments becomes dry, even tough. Breathing is difficult, headaches, bad mood. To avoid these consequences, fortunately, it is possible, it is no wonder one wise head came up with a healthy household device - a humidifier. The device is one, but its modifications and types are many, so there is a reasonable question: "If I need a humidifier - how to select it from the variety presented in the store," Let's try to give you some useful tips to help navigate the range and buy indeed the device that you want.


  • The steam humidifier - a powerful source of health
  • Humidifiers cold evaporation (traditional) - natural economy
  • Ultrasonic humidifier - the squeak of the season
  • Humidifier with cleaning function - the most hygienic solution
  • On what producers look first?

The steam humidifier - a powerful source of health

If you believe that the best humidifier- It is the one that has the highest power, will not persuade you, because truth in your statement is. Steam humidifiers - bright powerful members of the family.

Steam humidifiers operate on the principlehot fumes, i.e. steam coming from them, will be hot. Water is used for heating the two electrodes immersed in the tank. In fact, such devices are comparable to a conventional electric kettle, which heats the water using a spiral planar heating element. Because of this method of heating steam humidifiers got a lot of flaws:

  • high noise level
  • too hot steam (at the outlet of its temperature can reach 60 degrees), which is very dangerous for small children
  • High power consumption (300-600 watts)

But such devices have a maximumpossible for all types of humidifiers performance. Thus, the level of humidity in the room area of ​​15 sqm per hour steam humidifier can rise by 60%! Such capacity - a plus and a minus at the same time. Plus for greenhouses, greenhouses, conservatories, in general, for those places where the vital need to maintain high humidity, the air is warm enough. Minus - for typical apartments with a small area, because in small spaces such powerful device simply does not need: it will produce too much steam, which subsequently will be the cause of the mold.

The steam humidifier

The steam humidifier is fast but noisy and extremely economical

But for fans of inhaled matter whatchoose a humidifier, should fall off by itself after the announcement that Steam humidifiers can also be used for its intended purpose and in an inhaler. Just add in a container with water aromatic oil or a decoction of herbs, the instrument instantly begin to generate useful steam.

Humidifiers cold evaporation (traditional) - natural economy

Economical home, thinking about whathumidifier is better to buy, can no longer think, and feel free to purchase or traditional humidifiers, as they are otherwise called, humidifiers cold evaporation.

Work such devices as follows: Water from the reservoir impregnates a porous filter, which is installed on the path of a small but powerful fan. Last sucks air into the device, drives it through wetted filter and "releases" out. As a result, such a straightforward process and there is humidification in the apartment.

In view of the fact that traditional moisturizers nothingnot heated, power consumption is not great. You can compare their work with the DVD-player work. In addition, the device is self-regulating mode, accurately determining the state of the air in the apartment if the high humidity, the evaporation will be slower if low, intense. However, traditional humidifiers have a maximum permissible moisture threshold of 60%. This means that when you reach this option, the device will simply cease to saturate the air with moisture until the humidity level does not go down again.

Traditional humidifiers

Traditional humidifiers are good to everyone, but require clean water without admixtures

Humidifiers cold evaporationeconomical in terms of energy consumption, but also, and in these seemingly ideal instrument has a couple of drawbacks - they use only purified or distilled water, because the built-in filter is very sensitive to all sorts of impurities contained in the water and quite noisy.

Ultrasonic humidifier - the squeak of the season

If you look at the rating of humidifiers,then at the very top it will step ultrasonic devices. Their popularity is easy to explain: they are virtually noiseless, have a humidity level knob and can heat the water, which allows to get rid of some kinds of microbes.

The principle of operation of such a device is simple: by means of high-frequency oscillations of the water it turns into a cloud of water mist. The unit is economical and easy to use, but requires careful water purification from impurities using cartridges. By the way, the cartridges have to be replaced periodically, and more often than you can imagine - about once every 2-3 months. Yields can be increased, if not plain water poured into the device, and distilled.

The principle of ultrasonic humidifier

Membrane - heart ultrasonic humidifier. It was she who transforms water into a water cloud

Another shortcoming of ultrasonic humidifiers - regular "bubbling", which at first annoyed, and then there is addictive. So this time, you can not refer to the shortcomings.

Humidifier with cleaning function - the most hygienic solution

How to choose an air purifier humidifier? If you are concerned about hygiene and cleanliness in your home, then this question is required to put on the agenda. Specially selected and do not have to, because all the instruments that combine two functional work on the same principle: the air entering the unit, first passes through a carbon filter, which is purified from pollen, animal hair, dust particles, and only then is enriched with moisture.

Humidifier Air Purifier

Humidifier Cleaner - clean air and humidified

Such a device is silent, and very economicalgood for your health, because it allows you to remove from the air most of the harmful substances to our breath and microorganisms. The unit is suitable for those who live near major highways and industrial sites. It is irreplaceable for people with allergies and for those who are constantly cold.

On what producers look first?

And yet, buy a humidifier? What stay? Which manufacturer is better? Judging from the reviews of customers, the most revered among them is the brand Boneco combining Swiss quality, accessibility and usability. The choice of humidifiers and air purifiers Boneco at large, because the company specializes in the equipment. All devices have a lot of certificates confirming their high quality and reliability.

But it spent on the program "ControlPurchase "humidifiers test showed that the most cost-turned AIC company humidifier, which specializes in the production of HVAC equipment for the house in terms of energy consumption.

Well proven and devices,sold under the trademarks Ballu, Vitec and the Polaris, but if the company Ballu engaged exclusively release heaters, cleaners and humidifiers, the other two companies produce and other consumer electronics for the home, and therefore, may not know all the details of this type of equipment.

In any case, to judge which one is betterhumidifier, be yourself, but, based on our tips, select the device that will be your faithful companion for a healthy lifestyle, it will be much easier.

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