How to choose a floor air conditioner: Analysis of characteristics of the three main variants of designs

How to choose the outdoor air conditioner

Floor air conditioners - demanded segmentclimatic equipment, having specific differences, pros and negative aspects. This "family" is not too much of individuals, but each one has its own characteristic differences. Before heading to the store for equipment, to create a comfortable environment in the room, it is necessary to find out what the difference is. The outdoor air conditioning without air differs from its counterpart with a corrugated pipe, what is the specificity and complexity of connecting outdoor split-system, and which should be preferred?


  • Classification of outdoor air conditioners
    • What good is a stationary floor-standing version?
    • About mobile Floor air conditioners
    • Generation of mobile units without duct

Classification of outdoor air conditioners

Presented in a rich assortment of modifications floor air conditioners are divided into two subspecies.

  • Split systems are installed on the floor planeat a distance not exceeding 50 cm. This category classified as wall, ceiling air conditioners, which can accommodate both in the ceiling area, and near the bottom of the wall. Thanks to this arrangement provided with air conditioning cooled stream is not sent directly to the person, therefore, does not threaten health.
Domestic air conditioners, wall, ceiling

Outdoor ceiling air conditioners: the indoor unit can install them near the floor or fixed on the ceiling, making the cooled air flow is not directed at the people present in the room

  • Mobile equipment to the ductwork and without it,indisputable advantage which is recognized as an opportunity to move from room to room equipment, transport machinery to the country on a hot holiday season, to move with him from apartment to apartment.
How to install the outdoor air conditioner

Priorities mobile outdoor air conditioners is the ease of installation and the ability to move HVAC equipment from room to room, from house to house

Following personal reasons andpreferences, the future owners are choosing the best for their appearance, the best outdoor air conditioner with a focus on the specifics of the installation, location and operation. Fundamental differences in the degree of modifications have no equipment. Most of them can operate in two modes: heating, cooling. It operates the remote control, equipped with safety devices and systems by controlling the compressors and air direction. Among them model with antibacterial treatment, filtration and air ionization.

Dangerous for the users and for the environmentfreon replaced in recent issues of safe refrigerants. New outdoor air conditioners for homes are no longer a bulky design type refrigerators impressive, do not spoil the aesthetic appearance does not design the room to be treated.

Aesthetic Floor air conditioners for home

The latest models of floor air conditioners no danger to people and the environment Freon, changed in the direction of decreasing size, more attractive design

What good is a stationary floor-standing version?

It is composed of two units, by analogy with conventionalsplit-system. Indeed, it is such and only a tiny indoor unit placed at the floor, fixing it to the wall. You install the air conditioner outdoor represented subspecies standard for all split systems properly. Outside is evacuated outside the building, it is mounted on the roof or wall by means of special stainless steel brackets to the wall. Locate the outer part can be regularly aired on the balcony, veranda, loggia.

Domestic air conditioners Floor Type

Floor split systems are installed bysimilar to the standard of their peers: the external unit located outside the room to be treated, a miniature indoor unit on the wall, at a distance of no more than 50 cm above the ground plane

The main condition for the installation of the outdoor unit - the constant flow of air from the street. Because basements and rooms without ventilation categorically excluded.

Installing underfloor air conditioning: installation of outdoor unit

Installing floor air conditioner: the outdoor unit installation floor split-system is performed according to the scheme, identical to installing a conventional split system

The inner part is equipped with blinds and floatingbars. With the help of tangential fans, vertical blinds and horizontal flaps formed direction of the two air streams, thereby optimizing circulation. Any modification can be operated with one feed stream, but twice the option creates the most favorable temperature for users and safe background for the present vector feeding processed air mass.

Best outdoor air conditioner

Most models are ceiling-floor split-system generates two air flow, but they can apply and only one thread

About mobile Floor air conditioners

In the mobile climate equipment much in common withWindow conditioners varieties. All working parts are also accommodates a single body, by analogy resets the heated air mass often the window. Portable air conditioners Floor Type is preferred by those who do not need, for whatever reasons, in the fixed installation, if you plan to frequent travel, the use of technology in the country, etc.

How to install outdoor home air conditioning

The principle of installing underfloor mobile air conditioner is similar to the scheme installation window "brother"

To think about how to install outdoormobile species, the owners do not have air conditioning. Process is simple and does not time-consuming, but there are some problems: providing the path for discharging the heated air to the outside, which can be carried out not only through the window derived corrugated hose, but also through a specially Realized in the walls of the hole.

Mobile outdoor air conditioner: principle and design scheme

Principle of operation and constructive specifics mobile Floor air conditioners

Their main disadvantage relative to admithigh levels of noise, in fact the most "resounding" Body can not be separated from the system and make out. In some versions there is no system of automatic condensate drain, which is why the water from the tray will have to pour himself.

Council. Get a model with a large capacity for collecting the condensed moisture. From a small tray will need to pour it too often, because when you reach a certain volume of the tray outside your home floor air-conditioning will be turned off automatically.

Generation of mobile units without duct

A promising solution to provide an opportunityabandon impressive minus floor air conditioners - from duct hoses. The plain principle of the outdoor air conditioner of this type is based on the ability of substances in the process of transformation of the state of aggregation to give or receive thermal energy:

  • At the bottom of the vaporization equipment housing is a container of water. Water from the reservoir is pumped small pump is supplied to the porous filter to its wetting.
  • Climbed into the room warm air fan is directed to the wetted porous filter.
  • As a result of passing through the wet filter processed air mass cools, the water molecules located on the surface of the filter pass into the gaseous phase state.
How does the outdoor air conditioner

Floor air conditioners mobile without ductonly work on the generation of cold, do not emit condensate in their designs do not have trays and drainage pipes for the collection of excess moisture, no corrugated hoses to remove the warm air

The condensate in the "water" technique is not formedin general, because without mobile Floor air conditioners duct work only on the generation of the cold, it is not releasing the heat. Once there is no condensate tray is not needed and supply it to moisture drainage tube, once no heat pipes do not need to bring warm air outside the room. So, no complications with the installation and movement of mobile evaporative techniques can not be.

However, there is a minus, which is easyI guess people who know how the outdoor air-conditioning in this category. The stock of water in the tank will need to be constantly replenished. On the need to refill the water tank will signal a special indicator. That the periodicity of topping up procedure is difficult to determine, because it depends on the materials and finishes squaring the room, the level of humidity and other nuances.

Optimum conditions for perfect functionalityevaporative air conditioner is the presence of the half-open windows. Excellent work, he will be in the living room or office space, equipped with ventilation system.

How does the floor without air conditioning duct

Very good work floor without air conditioning duct subject to regular airing, excellent work in offices with organized supply and exhaust ventilation

We are together with you have considered all available atFloor air conditioners market: how to choose them learned compared the design features. Draw conclusions and decide what to keep in priority - a private matter of the future owners. However, the information obtained to a large extent will help to make a choice, independent of the Seller desires to sell the unsaleable or appetizing lucrative commodity.

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